Working on new stuff

2010-05-22 03:22:41 by S-T

Thanks for all your comments on my latest submissions you guys. Thats all I have for now, but I'll keep on making stuff to post here!


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2010-05-22 03:39:41

That should be great.

S-T responds:

It will be! :D


2010-05-22 20:19:55

yo i like th work youve been doing using mario stick with it okay because your animations are just the way i like em short sweet and funnie message me if you ever need enyone who will honestly review your work -ngebe

-p.s. i mean it seriously all i can do is post pics and review so message me every so often kk

S-T responds:

Thanks dood! I'll post everything I make on here!


2010-05-22 22:44:43

Yo, S-T, I love your videos, and I'm gonna let you work on your next one, but Half-Beard is the best animation of all time...OF ALL TIME!

- Kanye West Refrences, ftw. Keep up the good work, I like your animations. :3

S-T responds:

hahahahaha thanks dood!


2010-05-27 19:07:58

Andrew!!!!!!! is it Ok if I say your name on here? oh well. to late XD
I love you!!!! your animations are amazing and I can't wait to go to college with you, we're going to rock the place ;)

S-T responds:

Well geez thanks Kate.... hahaha oh well.... AND HELLZ YEAH IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D


2010-05-27 21:17:33

I love how your little picture dude thingy looks like you! its so cute!!