Entry #1

Just a bunch of stuff

2010-05-19 10:13:02 by S-T

Hi guys! I have a bunch of stuff to upload.... buttttttttt only 2 a day says Newgrounds hahaha so just wait! There will be more!


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2010-05-19 11:38:08

I watched your stuff and it was awsum.

S-T responds:



2010-05-20 01:08:31

Stop uploading your old stuff, please. It's all nice and good, but it shows that your just dumping old shit and your not going to get any daily awards if you do that. Make new stuff, you're a pretty animator, so stop making your self look like a whore.

S-T responds:

Hahahaha keep yer pants on dood. I don't care if I don't get any awards for those. I'm just uploading them so they're all just in one place. People like them anyway so whats the problem? Anyway, I don't have anymore old ones, so the next flash I submit I just completed a week ago. OOOOOOOOOKKKKK????


2010-05-21 13:28:26

Great can't wait i like your flash it's nice compaired to other retarded flash makers but, yours is alright i like them great job. :D

S-T responds:

Haha well thanks! It's good to know people enjoy my flash movies!


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